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About Golf Stats Analiser

When I started playing golf all those years ago I wondered how many fairways on average I hit a round and how many putts I had for the day but a spreadsheet just didn't cut it so I decided to write my own program to record all my scores and statistics. The outcome was 'Golf Stats Analiser', with the first version being very basic, simply recording my scores but after a few scores had been saved I wanted to know some stats about my game so more and more new features were added until it became the comprehensive golf analysis software it is today.

Golf Stats Analiser is a must piece of software for any golfer to record and help analyise their game. The software allows you to pin point the weak area's of your game by looking at the statistics so that you can focus your practice to improve on these areas. The Golf Stats Analiser software is simple to install on any PC and the best thing about it is it's FREE!! Yes, free!! free!!

  • Program is 100% FREE!!

  • Can save unlimited courses.

  • Can save unlimited scores.

  • Statistics Kept Include:

    • Scoring Average (individual round and overall)
    • Drives In Fairway (DIF) (individual round and overall)
    • Greens In Regulation (GIR) (individual round and overall)
    • Putts Per Hole (individual round and overall)
    • Sand Saves (individual round and overall)
    • Up/Downs (individual round and overall)

  • All statistics can be graphed.

  • Statistics can be viewed between any 2 dates.

  • Statistics can be viewed for specified number of previous rounds.

  • Can plot very shot using Shot Tracker.

  • Emailed when a program update is available.